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How Can You Protect Your CCTV Cameras From Hackers?

CCTV Cameras:

Our house is the place where we relax and live peacefully. Thus we make sure that this place is secured with high-end appliances. Security is the biggest concern we face in our residential, commercial, and other public spaces and the only solution to this problem is to use an updated security system. CCTV security cameras are the latest development in this era.

Precarious incidents are on rising constantly in recent times and have also triggered security concerns. Organizations, Institutions, and Residential complexes all choose feasible surveillance solutions that can address their security concerns and help in keeping your place safe and peaceful. 

CCTV is one of the most trusted solutions to this problem. 

The Biggest Concern:

With the advancement in technology, the emerging problem we face nowadays is to keep our security appliances secure as they are more prone to hacking. Hackers hijack these surveillance cameras to fake emergencies also known as “swatting.” Swatting may seem like a prank but it can have deadly consequences.

Why Are Security Cameras Hacked?

There are multiple reasons to hack your camera some of them are-

  • To gain access to your private footage, 
  • Stealing credentials from other vulnerable sites 
  • Gaining access to your router and hacking the attached security cameras

These are some possible reasons why it’s good to secure all of your devices in a possible way, especially your surveillance cameras.

Tips To Protect Your CCTV Cameras From Hackers

Security cameras are one of the best ways to keep our house and office area secure. it not only helps us to track the thief but also creates terror in the mind of a person who is planning some mischievous things. But what troubles us the most is keeping these security gadgets secure. Some of the most applied hacks that can prevent your security cameras from hackers are-

  • Keep Changing your passwords: This is one of the most common ways by which hackers gain access to your security system. They get access to your credentials that they stole from a separate data breach. To cope up with this situation keep variations in your passwords from site to site and make all of them difficult to guess. The simplest way to keep your password protected is to include lowercase, uppercase, a number, and even a special character like an exclamation point and it will be harder to crack.
  • Use a password manager: Password manager is the best app that suggests a solid password that might keep your app and other surveillance protected. These apps suggest random passwords for your digital accounts and securely store them for you. With these, you can keep all of your passwords in one location. Password manager manages your passwords as long as you are logged in and you can automatically insert passwords on an array of devices and web browsers.
  • Set up two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication is one of the most innovative ways to keep your password protected. It adds an extra layer of security. In this, you need to input a second password that is randomly generated every time you log in to your security cameras. 

Some security cameras come with this in-built feature whereas some do not pick your best option and keep your security cameras secure.

  • Have your security system professionally installed: The core problem with security cameras is they are all connected to the internet and hackers keep looking out for opportunities and new ways to gain access to private data. So, any loophole in the installation can give the opportunity to hackers to hack your system thus it is always advised to take the help of professionals.

Secureye is one of the leading companies in CCTV security systems and deals in high-quality camera manufacturing and installation. Connect with us today to make your den a secure, reliable, and safer place on the planet.

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