Rotary District 7210 Youth Exchange (YEX) Program …help bring the world closer – and make some good friends in the process.

Become a Rotary YEX Student

Youth Exchange is an exchange program for secondary school students between the ages of 15 and 17 who travel abroad to learn about other cultures and other languages. Students are required to attend school and live with 2-3 host families during a period of one year. The program is coordinated at the District level and supported and hosted at the local level. District 7210, spanning eight counties and 56 clubs in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State, works directly with other certified Rotary Districts around the globe. The District 7210 Youth Exchange Program is organized with Inbound and Outbound Committees and a Youth Protection Officer and is led by a Chairman. It is supported by the District’s Rotary Clubs and their Youth Exchange Officers.

Outbound Youth Exchange

Rotary YEX Outbound Student

Rotary YEX Outbound Student

A high school age student residing in District 7210 and complying with Youth Exchange qualifications will be hosted by an international Rotary Club for a period of 10-12 months. During this time students will attend high school, learn the language, become immersed in the local culture and represent their country and Rotary.

A local Rotary Club in District 7210, referred to as the Sponsor Club, will sponsor the student for this exchange by recommending the student for consideration to the District Youth Exchange Committee. The cost associated with this exchange is the responsibility of the student’s family, with minimal expenses for the Sponsoring Club.

How do I qualify?
Applicants should exhibit:

  • Above average academic skills
  • Demonstrated leadership in their community
  • Outgoing personality that allows for ease in conversations and public presentations
  • Receptivity to new experiences and cultural differences
  • Sponsorship by a local Rotary Club
  • Completed written application and in-person interview

What are my responsibilities?
As a Youth Exchange student, you agree to:

  • Act as an ambassador for your home country and Rotary International.
  • Abide by all program rules of your sponsor Rotary Club and District as well as your host District.
  • Learn the language of your exchange country.
  • Be an active part of your host families.
  • Be an active participant in your exchange.
  • Attend and participate in school abroad.

Where will my exchange be?
District 7210 exchanges with partners in Europe, Asia and South America. You may indicate a preference for a region and/or country, but final placement is at the discretion of the District Youth Exchange Committee.

How much will it cost?
Youth Exchange is coordinated at the regional level by Rotary Districts and at the local level by Rotary Clubs. Costs vary greatly from one area to another. In District 7210 the fee schedule is a flat rate of $5000 to cover the following:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Visa
  • Tzell Travel Agency Services
  • Language Camp – If Required
  • Preliminary Interviews & Orientations
  • Business Cards, T-Shirt
  • Program Support and Postage

The student’s Sponsor Rotary Club in District 7210 makes a contribution to cover the cost of badges, pins, banners, a Rotary blazer, and attendance at the Rotary District 7210’s annual District Conference.

The students are also afforded a monthly stipend by their Host Rotary Club overseas which varies from place to place.

What are the steps to get started?
1. Fill out the Preliminary Application, write an essay on why you want to be an exchange student and get a school transcript (or report card).
2. Submit to your local Rotary club.
3. Meet with the local Rotary club for a club interview (early fall).
4. The club will let the district committee know if they will sponsor you.
5. The district committee will schedule you for an interview. Refer to the calendar for dates.

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